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Even though you can't see a scroll bar, this panel scrolls. Hover here and use the mouse-wheel, arrow keys, track pad or fingers to read more.

This website was designed for optimal viewing at a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. It will scale by width based on browser window size. Full screen (F11) should display perfectly on most wide-screen viewing devices.

You have already found the function buttons, to the left. These will display differently, depending on the current page and section. If you press the "Info" button now, you will return to the welcome screen. This website will always start at the welcome screen.

Sometimes there will be clickable content in the display panel. This will either be highlighted or the cursor will change when hovering.

The "Info" button will sometimes provide an overview of a menu section, such as this guide to using the website. In such sections, clicking the Info button again will toggle between states or the "Select" button can be used to achieve the same result.

When the "Audio" button appears, it can be used to load the media player for demoing selected products.

The media player consists of a display in which each track is represented by a block with a play symbol to the left and a brief description. Each block will highlight as the mouse is moved over. When you click a block, it will play that track. Clicking a second time will pause the track, as will selecting another track to play. Once the track has finished, the player resets.

The "Video" button indicates that a YouTube video is available to watch. These should load at HD720 but it is possible to change this by clicking the YouTube logo, bottom right corner of the display screen. Transport controls (available when YouTube logo is clicked) are not available on this website so playback is restricted to clicking on the video to start and clicking again to pause.

If there are multiple videos, then a menu will be presented within the display to select which one to load. Please visit and subscribe.

The last function button will display "Buy" (for commercial products) or "Get" (for free downloads). Select this button and then click "Purchase" or "Download" in the display screen to start the transaction.

Free products download directly from this site. Commercial transactions are conducted off-site, through our secure server. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

The left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen are used to select a section of the website to visit. When you are happy with your selection, press the "Select" button to progress.

This website was designed for easier navigation on hand-held devices whilst allowing for an infinitely expandable menu system and four persistent function buttons.

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